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R&B WIG COMPANY leading the industry with embellished wig styles and colors. Fashionability, durability, and comfortability is the true sight of what we strive for. R&B WIG COMPANY is taking and priority is to satisfy our consumers with the highest quality of wigs. R&B WIG COMPANY take this industry to another level of beautification!


R&B is a 100% professional wig company.

Our company is not afraid to experiment with different colors, nor different types of styles. We are proud to say we are leading the industry in quality, style, and color.

R&B will give 110% effort towards customer satisfaction in this fast rapid moving pace of fashion.

Fashion changes everyday and we as a company will adapt, develop, and produce quality wigs for our consumers.

R&B will dedicate to help our cancer patients for recovery and build confidence once again.

R&B is not just a wig company, we are a company that's willing to sacrifice for their satisfaction because we believe beauty gives one person confidence towards a fresh new start.

Thank you!